A Ginger with a Camera

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Hi! I’m Handy Andy Pandy, a ginger with a camera. I’m honoured to be a part of F Stop Lounge – massive thanks to Andre and Leigh for the gig! And now for a little backstory…

I never really had much of an interest in photography until 2011, when I found myself laying on the grass looking up at the clouds floating by, marvelling in the magnificent beauty of nature. I had a thought, “I wish there was some way to capture this moment.” I felt like a bit of a dolt when I realised, “Yeah, it’s called photography” so I asked to borrow my father’s old Minolta camera, played around with it for a while, and was instantly hooked. I invested in my own camera, bought a lot of different lenses and had fun experimenting with every genre of photography, from landscapes to portraits to macro and some conceptual. I was addicted!

But alas, dear reader, it wasn’t all fun and games! I hit a point last year where I became bored and disillusioned with my photography. I couldn’t seem to make a single image I was happy with; I’d go out and shoot 500 photos and come home and hit the delete key 500 times. Again and again this happened, until I became convinced photography was not my thing anymore and I stopped shooting altogether.

By chance I stumbled upon the portfolios of a few awesome conceptual photographers such as Brooke Shaden, Aaron Nace, David LaChapelle, Alex Stoddard, and others and was blown away by what they were doing; making something more than just a capture of a particular moment in time. They were creating what they saw in their mind. I polished off my camera, pulled out Photoshop, worked through hundreds of Photoshop/photography tutorials and lapped up every bit of knowledge I could. Then I threw myself into a 365 project, promising myself I would take a photo every single day and (without missing any!) Probably the best (or stupidest?) decision I’ve ever made in my life; I’m learning so much with each day that passes!

Here’s the first one I did, “Pinhead”:

1 - Pinhead by Handy Andy Pandy

Some days I just go all-out-silly, such as the day my girlfriend and I decided to turn our pet-names for each other (“Chocolate” and “Vanilla”) into something very literal:

108- Chocolate and Vanilla

…Or the day I covered an entire room in newspaper, dressed myself in a newspaper suit and sat down to read the newspaper:

I Tried Being Normal, but it Wasn't Really My Thing by Handy Andy Pandy

Other days have been a little more serious, such as “The Bottle Can’t Help Me Anymore“:

72 - The Bottle Can't Help Me Anymore

And “We Were Once in Love”:

39 - We Were Once in Love by Handy Andy Pandy

And some days have been nothing more than an excuse to learn something new in my photography/Photoshop and try something a little crazy, like “How do I flood my apartment without actually flooding my apartment?”

112 - Wet by Handy Andy Pandy

Or “Will my legs go to sleep if I wrap myself in tape and sit in an uncomfortable position for 20 minutes of shooting in the woods?” (“Yes” is the answer):

131 - Fragile by Handy Andy Pandy

And one of my favourites, I went out at 1am in the morning to take a celebratory photo on the day I became a part of F Stop Lounge:

145 - F Stop Lounge by Handy Andy Pandy

It’s crazy to think I went from almost giving up photography to being in the middle of a 365 project and being a part of the awesome F Stop Lounge; I feel like the luckiest duck on planet Earth :) I’m learning more and more every day of this 365 and hopefully I’ll be able to continue improving my photography and Photoshop. And if nothing else, I’m having a bucketload of fun along the way and doing what I love: taking pictures. After all, isn’t that why we’re photographers? :)


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