A Fortnight with Handy Andy Pandy

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Hey there you gorgeous guys and gals! It’s been roughly a fortnight since my first article here on F Stop Lounge, so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to, and share a few photos from the last 14 days. (I’m going to cheat and include some from the last 3 weeks; don’t tell anyone.)

I Love Lamp

“I Love Lamp” – I found this awesome little lamp in a second-hand store and decided it just had to go in my belly. To do this shot, I locked down my camera on a tripod and took a shot of myself, then another shot of just the lamp by itself, and a third shot of just the blank background with nothing else. Using layer masks in Photoshop, I hid the middle of my belly (exposing the blank background shot behind it). I then cut the lamp out, put it in the middle, and Bob’s your uncle!


This next one, “RIP”, was a great chance to play around with my flashes and some coloured gels (which you can find on Ebay for only a couple of bucks!) to get some cool lighting effects. To get the ripped-face effect, I took one shot of my face, and then another shot of me holding up the paper in front of my face. I cut my head out from the first shot and stuck it onto the paper and hey presto, you’ve got a face in desperate need of repair.

163 - Missed My Mouth Again

“I Missed My Mouth Again” was a lot of fun to make (but not a lot of fun to clean up…) I took a shot of me throwing almonds up in the air, picked them all off the ground between shots and then did it over and over, about 50 times. (Yes, that meant I was eating almonds off the dirty floor… Don’t tell anyone.) I cut out each almond in Photoshop (thank god for the Magic Wand tool!), arranged them where I wanted and combined them with the photo of my head.

161 - Feeling DiVINE

“Feeling DiVINE” – I bought some cheap vines off Ebay for only a couple of dollars and decided to do a photo of myself “hanging” and covered in vines. To make it look like I was hanging, I took a few high-speed shots of me jumping up in the air, toes pointed. The only problem was I only had one vine (about 1 metre long), so had to take 100 or so photos with the vine in different areas of the photo and then combine them all in Photoshop… Which took many many hours. Note to self: Buy more vines next time.

152 - Fat Little Balloon Man

“Fat Little Balloon Man” was a good chance to play with the Liquify tool in Photoshop; the background I hand-drew using the Mixer Brush tool before finally adding a canvas texture over the top.

164 - Got A Suggestion?

“Got a Suggestion?” Two days ago I asked people if they had any ideas they wanted to see turned into a photo, and I got some pretty epic suggestions (which I’ll be working on over the next few weeks)…

165 - Lightning in a Bulleit

…The first of which was the idea of “lightning in a bottle”, which I’ve called “Lightning in a Bulleit”. I’m happy with how it turned out; if anyone’s played Bioshock, it sort of reminds me of the vigors you get in the game :)

And there you go! So, what do you think? Love them, hate them? Want some more details on how I did a particular shot? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know :)



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