Fujifilm’s Newest X Series – First Thoughts

Many imaging companies over the last 6 months have decided to go down the road of ‘pre releasing’ products before their official launch. Leaking images, supplying teaser photos or even creating a mini video series are all the hype at the moment, it seems companies will do anything to get their fans interested. A good example of this would be the recent launch of the Nikon DF camera where we saw a spate of videos portraying pure photography.

Not to be out done, Fujifilm have entered their pre release into the game with the recent X Series website appearance of the picture shown below. There has been quite a bit of speculation and rumour surrounding the model number and specifications, which will all be revealed on January 28th 2014.

New Fujifilm X Series Camera

In the mean time I conducted a Google+ Hangout to hear what photographers around the world first thought of the camera based on rumours and this teaser photo. The photographers present in the hangout were: Andre Appel, Paul Pichugin, Matthew Maddock, Peter Coe,  Ugo Cei, Andrew Newlun and yours truly.


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