Not Just A Girl Photo Project

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You may remember an old story I featured on F Stop Lounge called, “Real Women: Forget the Disney Pricesses“, well photographer Jaime C. Moore has decided to expand on her original photo shoot. The project is called “The Not Just a Girl Project’.

Jamie C Moore - Real Women 001

Back in May Jaime photographed her daughter Emily on her fifth birthday with the intention to teach her the value of amazing women who had fought hard for the things, things that made the country she was born into a place of equal rights. The photos and stories instantly went viral after I featured them. News sites like CNN, CBC, The Huffington Post, The NY Daily News, UK Mirror all shared the amazing story.


After learning that Jamie had a project going on Indiegogo I got in touch with her for a interview to find out more about the project.

Leigh Diprose: I first wrote about your blog post “Not Just A Girl…” a day after it was published. What has changed for you and your daughter since then?

Jaime C. Moore: It has been a wild year since publishing Emma’s series. We have heard from hundreds & hundreds of inspired people from all over the world, Emma’s series has been published in many magazines/books and we recently welcomed a CBS news crew to our home (with Lee Woodruff) for a televised interview. But really…not too much has changed in our day-to-day home life.


Leigh Diprose: I see you have started a project on the crowd funding platform Ingiegogo called “the Not Just A Girl Project” can you tell us what it’s about?

Jaime C. Moore: Yes, we have been working hard to expand the idea of the series, NOT Just A Girl but we can’t do it alone.
We would like to expand the series by photographing many girls while reaching out to any and all ethnicity, culture and women of inspiration.


Leigh Diprose: How many girls do you plan on photographing once the campaign ends and do you plan on releasing a book from the series?


Jaime C. Moore: It really depends on whether we reach our goal, our hope is to start with at least 10 different girls and go from there. Yes a book would be ideal…we have also received dozens of requests for prints and calendars as well. 



Leigh Diprose: Since releasing the photographs from Emma’s 5th birthday in May 2013 can you tell us the most inspiring story or story of support you have received from a reader?


Jaime C. Moore: Ooh that’s such a hard question we have received so many. There have been many expectant parents who express their concerns of having a girl in a society with such unhealthy views and standards for women. Seeing the series many have written they now feel confident in raising a little girl, that maybe we can start to shift a change in idols, aspiring to women with high standards and strong dreams. I have also loved receiving the many photos of little girls from all over the world of them dressing and posing as women of history who they admire.  Oh…and I cant forget the beautiful letter, praising the series, from Amelia Earhart’s nephew on behalf of the Earhart Family. 



Leigh Diprose: Finally how can people help you in your next project?


Jaime C. Moore: Contributing and sharing the NOT Just A Girl campaign is the greatest help in assisting us expand the series.
For updates and future projects please follow us on FB and our website.



Visit Jamie’s website & blog: www.JaimeMoorephotography.com
Facebook: : www.facebook.com/JaimeMoorephotography