Elia Locardi Talks With Travel Longer Magazine

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I still can’t believe that Travel Longer magazine has been around for a year already…  Seems like just last month that we published our first issue on the Apple Newsstand.  12 months later, and we have had the privileged of showcasing some of the world’s leading travel photographers. (I would insert a long list of very famous names here, but as this post is primarily about photographer Elia Locardi, I’ll let you look up who we have featured in the past.)

Sleeping Giants || Mt Bromo Indonesia© Elia Locardi — Mt Bromo, Indonesia

Elia Locardi is a location independent travel photographer, meaning he and his lovely wife Naomi travel perpetually around the globe hosting photo/cultural tours and technical workshops in some pretty cool locations. You can check out more of Elia‘s work on his blog BlameTheMonkey.

The Valley Of Fog - (Meteora, Greece)© Elia Locardi — Meteora, Greece

I had the extreme pleasure of tracking Elia down a few weeks ago, and had a great interview with him (see below). Elia talks about full-time travel, his new photo/cultural tours with his wife Naomi, and good friend Ken Kaminesky, advice on building up a photography portfolio, amongst other things…

You can also see Elia‘s latest article as the ‘Featured Photographer’ in December’s special 1st Anniversary issue of Travel Longer magazine — The World’s Premier Extended Travel & Photography Magazine.

This special issue of Travel Longer is 100% FREE, and is our little Xmas present to you as a celebration of a very good year!  We went from being a brand new publication, to having over 22,000 subscribers in over 80+ countries, and have been featured in the ‘What’s Hot’ list on iTunes ever since our launch. Grab your free issue HERE, and if you like the magazine, please consider leaving us a cool review in iTunes. Thanks…

Temples In The Distance - (Bagan, Myanmar)© Elia Locardi — Bagan Myanmar

Stone Guardian || Paris France
© Elia Locardi — Paris, France


In other rather important news — we are pleased to announce a new member to the Travel Longer team. A rather shy person who actually seems to spend a lot of her time at work sleeping and eating… I’m sure she is just ‘finding her feet’…  Here is a sneak peak:

New Travel Longer magazine staff member. - Image by Billy Taylor ©© Billy Taylor — Taken with Fujifilm X-E1. Note: That’s her on the left!

Welcome to the world little girl…