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trey ratcliff, atcanum

Trey Ratcliff is a visionary, a master of light and a true gamer at heart. His ability to bridge the gap between amateur and professional has been launched today in the form of Arcanum, a online innovative infrastructure that connects Masters and Apprentices around the world.

It doesn’t matter what kind of technology you personally use – anything from mobile phones to tablets to Google Glass to PCs – they all are different ways of sharing vision through our system.

Interested parties or ‘Apprentices’ will be able to apply to join the service for a small monthly fee. Once applied, the Apprentices will join a waiting list, located in a special area of the Arcanum. It’s here the Masters will be able to hand pick their Apprentices based on their artistic interests and skill set.

A Master is solely dedicated to the enrichment of all the apprentices in their Mastery Cohort. A Master is there to guide each individual on their own artistic path. Masters are to serve as mentors… as artistic shamans… to understand the needs and goals of their apprentices and to help these desires be fully realized through a personalized path. Through these experiences, a Master will find new layers within to take their own art to a new level of transcendence.

Masters will work one on one with all Apprentices and will oversee a small private group of their selected, this group is called a Mastery Cohort. It’s here Apprentices will be able to ‘climb the ladder’ as they excel in their achievement goals and unlock new levels. When they first join they will automatically be placed at Level 1 in Sphere 1 (Sphere 1 contains levels 1-10).  In the first level, Apprentices will undergo the following tasks:

 Begin making progress down your own personal artistic path
Show you how The Arcanum works from the inside
Introduce you to your fellow 19 Apprentices inside your Mastery Cohort
Encourage the group to cooperate and learn together rather than apart

As the levels progress up to 10, the Apprentices will be prompted to submit photos ranging from 5 at a time to 20 at once. During the different levels they will arrange Google+ Hangout’s with their masters to seek feedback on their photos as well as seek feedback from their fellow 19 Apprentices. Once level 10 is completed Apprentices will be awarded access into Sphere 2, where they will gain access to levels 11-20.

The Masters mentioned who currently form Arcanum are:



To find out more on how you can apply and improve your artistic talent click here.


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