Phonebloks – A Phone Which Allows Upgradable Lenses

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Have you ever owned a mobile phone which died suddenly and stopped working? I have and it’s really frustrating! Broken phones are one of landfills biggest problems. The fact we have to throw out a phone because of a simple part failure is simply ridiculous.

So what if there was another way? What if there was a phone which you could replace the malfunctioning part instead of throwing the whole smart device into landfill. Would that be good? I think so!

Phonebloks is the brainchild of Dave Hakkens which is the simple answer to the difficult problem of wastage and landfill. Phonebloks is a modular design which allows owners to replace specific parts of the phone itself, as an example if memory card reader breaks simply remove the lego-like card reader attachment and replace it on your existing phone. Another example I like would be upgrading your phone’s lens to a better quality version. I’m sold on this feature alone!

Photoblok Camera F Stop Lounge

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Phonebloks is a conceptual product at this stage however I do believe the interest will become widely spread.  To find out more information about this great idea check out their website here:



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