Digital Camera Exchange – New Site For Second Hand Gear

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Digital Camera Exchange has been working hard over the last six months to bring a new selling platform for camera lovers to market. Less than one week ago the site has seen its official launch.

The photographic specialty retail industry gains a new entrant with the launch of www.digitalcameraexchange.com.au on May 1st 2013.

Digital Camera Exchange (DCE) will provide a gateway for consumers, retailers, suppliers and industry to “buy and sell everything photographic” all from one unique e-commerce store window.

Digital Camera Exchange will focus on Vintage, Used, End of Line (EOL), excess and refurbished equipment. Categories include Cameras, both Film and Digital, Lenses, Flashes, Binoculars, Printers and all photographic accessories.

Digital Camera Exchange will give sellers the choice of Auction and Buy it Now (BIN) and for the first 3 months, the general public can advertise for FREE.

Director, Brett Peters who also owns Camera House North Lakes, (www.camerahouse.com.au) a suburb north of Brisbane, said, “DCE is a project I have been working on for 6 months and I am thrilled to see it come to life after such hard work from the designers and builders of the site.”

“We are a small business, and I am so pleased that we were able to find local people to assist in this project. Designer Jen Hillhouse and Kelly Jackson from www.purodesign.com.au have done a wonderful job.”

He added, “With over 700 websites selling new camera equipment in Australia, I thought it was time for a dedicated site that sits next to these but is able to have a slightly different offering.”

“As well as giving consumers the perfect place to sell their older equipment when they upgrade, traded in equipment from retail stores, new EOL stock from suppliers and excess stock from retailers will be available at fantastic prices.” Brett added

In addition to the website DCE have the following social media pages, FacebookPintrestTwitter and Youtube


Brett Peters
Brett Peters – Digital Camera Exchange






Leigh Diprose

Why did you build Digital Camera Exchange when there are sites like Gumtree and Ebay, are there any advantages DCE offers over these existing sites?

Brett Peters

One of DCE’s goals is to keep the focus on our industry and keep the cost and fees lower than the global sites such as Ebay. By staying focused just on photographic goods, the size and range will be smaller but that of course means less people required behind the scenes, which in turn keeps the costs down for consumers.


Leigh Diprose

Are listing items on the site always going to be free for users or will there be a small fee?

Brett Peters

Listing will remain free for as long as it can be sustained. A small commission will be introduced only when a product is sold but the short and long term goal is for that to be lower than our competitors.


Leigh Diprose

Being in the imaging industry, in your view, is there a strong demand for second-hand cameras and end of life models?

Brett Peters

I think that now that Digital has matured and many of us are on our 2nd, 3rd or possible even 10th digital camera, the opportunity exists for the used market to be re-invigorated. Most industries have a thriving used market but for many years people only had their film cameras to sell which of course no one wanted to buy. Now many film cameras are being snapped up and the option for people to buy a second digital camera or just at a cheaper priced one will be what drives a site such as Digital Camera Exchange.

In addition, there are so many web sites promoting Grey imports, so DCE will provide the suppliers here that have invested in Australia the opportunity to move End of Line, excess or even T2 stock at reduced prices, but without upsetting the normal supply channels such as Camera House, Teds and independent retailers.


Leigh Diprose

What is your vision for Digital Camera Exchange and where do you see the site growing in the future?

Brett Peters

To start with I see Digital Camera Exchange providing a gateway for photo enthusiasts to buy and sell everything photographic here is Australia and as the site matures, there is a long-term goal to go global.



The overall look and navigation of the site is clean and simple.

Digital Camera Exchange Homepage



Upon entry to the site it’s recommended you sign up if you are interested in buying or selling an item.

The sign up process is straight forward and allows a new user to list their own username and website (tip: get in early to claim your username!)

Digital Camera Exchange Sign Up Screen



Once you have signed up browsing products is simple. Each category is broken up by brand name so you don’t have to fight your way through mountains of product in order to find what your are looking for. Being a new site not many items are currently listed, however I do believe in the future we will see an influx of camera gear as users and retailers seek an alternative to the traditional methods of selling their gear online.

Digital Camera Exchange Categories

The above categories have been setup for ease of use and quick navigation. Once a category has been selected the items appear in a clean looking environment which is easy to read and simple to follow.

Hasselblad 500c for sale on Digital Camera Exchange

Who wants to buy that Hasselblad 500C?


The process of listing an item to sell can broken down into six easy steps:

Step 1: Choose an auction type:

Similar to other popular online selling sites; public auction, private auction and buy it now are the three main auction types a seller can choose from.

Digital Camera Exchange Auction Types

The explanation of the three Auction Types are:

Public Auction:

The bidders’ identities are not hidden and anyone is welcome to attend the auction.

Private Auction:

The identities of the bidders are hidden, so anyone that buys the item can remain anonymous. This is normally done for either security reasons such as rare gems or art, or to avoid embarrassment if the item is more risqué.

Buy It Now Only Auction:

The seller gives you the opportunity to purchase the item right away without waiting for an online auction to end.  Fixed price listings

BIN (BuyItNow) price is the Price at which the item is sold immediately. This means in theory if one buyer agrees to pay this price he is automatically the winner.

For manual auctions you can choose to manually accept BIN (it can be useful if you have doubts about the quality of some bidders, and you first want to check them out, or have a chat).

Buy It Now can be very useful to shorten auction time. Once chosen, the BIN Buyer becomes the winner and the auction closes.



Enter your item’s details.

It’s recommended you be as thorough as you can in this step, so your auction can provide enough information to the potential buyer.

Digital Camera Exchange Step 2


Enter the currency and price of your item.

Digital Camera Exchange Step 3


Supply the shipping price as well as any additional shipping information

Digital Camera Exchange Step 4


Specify the start and end dates for your auction

Digital Camera Exchange Step 5


Here you will be able to upload up to 8 photos of your item. The maximum file size per photo is 2MB.

Digital Camera Exchange Step 6


As an additional bonus, sellers have the added ability to broadcast their listings via selected social media networks once the item has been listed.


Despite the domain, buyers are able to purchase the product of their choosing locally or internationally.

Using the power of Paypal, sellers are able to handle their transaction and processing of the sale. All items are traceable and money can be transferred safely though this service.


Cameras for sale on Digital Camera Exchange

Overall I think this website has potential to grow into a huge database of active sellers and online buyers. The photography world is always evolving and gear always is being upgraded leaving the not-so-old gear sitting on shelves collecting dust. Finally there is a dedicated way to sell your preloved gear!

Being present in the online and offline imaging world I’m constantly being asked, how should I sell my second hand cameras? I now have a simple answer for them – DCE!


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