Timelapse In The Heart Of South Africa

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Joe Louw is a fine-art landscape & time-lapse photographer based in Pretoria – South Africa. His passion for photographing the world is prevalent through his amazing ability to bring images to life. In his latest work witness windmills dancing in the wind and watch as sunsets burst in colour as the fading glow is lost to veining horizons.

The scenes Joe captures are simply incredible, this truly is one of the best edits I have seen in a while.

Arriving in the Victoria West area on our first day of our timelapse trip to the Karoo, we were anxious to scout some locations to get shooting as soon as possible. It was now evident that there was indeed a heat wave passing through the country…

As soon as we decided where to shoot first, we didn’t waste any time to unpack our equipment. I don’t think we realized just how much gear we had until we started hiking up these rocky hills, solar panel and all! It took several hikes to get everything up to the spot where we wanted to shoot. And once the shooting started, it didn’t stop.

We had two cameras firing away, mostly one on a Shukuma DOLLY and one on a Shukuma MINI. Much planning is required for any timelapse shots, keeping various factors in consideration and this was no different. I always try to set up at least one dolly for nighttime shooting while there is still sufficient light. It can be quite challenging to set up in the dark, especially when working in uneven terrain and with one camera already exposing. And now try to make your way back to camp…

On day four we made our way towards De Aar, almost failing to reach our next stop. There were so many spots next to the road to set up a shot, so we did just that. People were so concerned that they would stop to check if everything was okay. Perhaps they thought we had vehicle problems or perhaps they thought we were just plain crazy for being out in the sun like this!!

The days were hot and nights were windy, often stormy. Irregular cloud activities and sudden wind direction changes sure kept things interesting and unpredictable. It was sometimes difficult to know in which direction a storm was moving so I would take the risk to set up my camera to shoot throughout the night, not knowing if I’ll be forced to stop the shot.

During one night the wind was blowing like crazy and I was concerned about the camera and lens being so close to the ground. When I got out of the tent there was dust everywhere! As I got back to put all the equipment away, I was barely in the tent when the first raindrops started to fall!

We then slowly made our way to the Strydenburg area and came across an abandoned house. On top of that, there was some serious storms brewing all around us. If we had five cameras here they would all be shooting simultaneously in a different direction. The scenes were incredible!!

At one point there was an 18 hour period passing by and my camera didn’t stop shooting for more than 30min.

After seven nights in the Karoo we came back with a total of about 25 minutes of timelapse footage. Trying to compile this into a song which is less than 4 minutes is simply impossible.



Compact | Versatile | Mobile

The SHUKUMA DOLLY is the only fully functional timelapse dolly available in South Africa. It is perfect for photographers and filmmakers wishing to add MOTION-CONTROLLED TIMELAPSE to any production.

This rail is COMPACT and DURABLE with all the components neatly fitted together providing a very professional product. The VERSATILITY of the Shukuma DOLLY allows for shooting in uneasy terrain at almost ANY ANGLE or DIRECTION possible. A fairly light-weight rail eases MOBILITY and makes travelling and hiking effortless, especially with the weather resistant Dolly Bags. The CONVENIENCE of a SHORT 1m rail often comes in handy particularly when shooting in areas with limited space.

The practical SWIVEL LEGS makes it possible to shoot LOW on the ground and at VARIOUS ANGLES. Tripods can EASILY be MOUNTED onto the rail and can be MOVED along the entire rail to be positioned wherever you please. The Shukuma DOLLY can be used with one or more tripod(s) or just with the legs.

The CART moves SMOOTHLY along the rail on comfortably fitting wheels to avoid any vibration and confirmsSTEADY movement for superb TIMELAPSE results. The cart runs on a flat-belt system powered with a 12V BATTERY connected to a STRONG motor and a pulley ensuring CONSISTENT movement throughout. Fastening or re-adjusting the belt is simplified by the thumb-screws attached to the belt-clips.

The Shukuma DOLLY comes complete with an SMC MOTION CONTROLLED which also serves as an intervalometer for your camera. With the SMC you can control much more then just your shutter speed, interval and amount of shots. You can adjust the SPEED of the motor to control “feathering” or ramping and also use it in conjunction with the MERLIN TELESCOPE HEAD (a motorised pan-tilt head).

The Shukuma DOLLY is fully extendable with DOLLY EXTENSIONS.

With the constant evolvement of technology and exciting new techniques that arise, the Shukuma DOLLY is an ESSENTIAL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT for any professional photographer or cameraman wishing to offer a additional service to your clients.

Timelapse SA 003 Timelapse SA 004


Shukuma MINI

Compact | Capable | Creative

The SHUKUMA MINI is the MOST AFFORDABLE motorised timelapse dolly in South Africa. It was developed for ENTHUSIASTIC PHOTOGRAPHERS wanting to add LINEAR MOTION to any timelapse.

This COMPACT and durable rail is a mini version of the Shukuma DOLLY and is fully CAPABLE of shooting timelapse photography for all your fundamental needs. The Shukuma MINI is also very useful as an additional dolly or even to use for light sources or reflector boards when getting CREATIVE with your timelapse shots.

The fixed 1.2m rail allows for COMFORTABLE travelling and EASY set-up. The MOTORISED CART runs on three sliding blocks and operates with a pulley and flat-belt system. The Shukuma MINI is controlled through the SMC which is powered by a 12V BATTERY. The SMC acts as an INTERVALOMETER with VARIOUSfunctions for timelapse shooting including “feathering” or ramping and pan-tilt motions.

With the Shukuma MINI TimeLapse SA aimed to cut cost, not quality, yet still offer a neat motion controlled dolly to the CONSUMER. The Shukuma MINI, though limited in certain fields, nonetheless produce excellentLINEAR MOTION and can be used for additional CREATIVE features too.

Timelapse SA 001 Timelapse SA 002

Merlin telescope head


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LRTimelapse – lrtimelapse.com

For more information on timelapse workshops and equipment in South Africa please visit – Timelapse SA


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