Documentary: Sue Bryce and Jill – The Light That Shines

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One email started it all, Nikki Closser wrote to acclaimed photographer, Sue Bryce telling of Jill Brzezinski-Conley‘s touching story.

The night of receiving the email Sue was in the process of giving her all for creativeLIVE 2012. After reading Jill’s story, something incredible resonated in Bryce’s intuition and soul and she thought she had to speak with this girl about Jill’s story.

During the call Nikki explained:

I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and who was in remission. Jill is someone who is beautiful and strong, hilarious and brings a positive energy and humor to every situation including cancer. And that her dream was to inspire other women to feel okay with their bodies…

Sue Bryce’s reaction to the email and conversation was to take them both to Paris to document Jill’s story.

Hailey Bartholomew was appointed the honour of telling this moving story.

The Light That Shines is Hailey’s first documentary; the result is a moving and touching documentary for all women and their families going through their battle with cancer.

This film is a reminder to all of us; no matter who you are or whatever trials life brings, we are all beautiful.

Documentary made by Hailey Bartholomew.
Producer/Photographer –  Sue Bryce.
Editor – Digby Hogan

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