Awaiting The Wave

Iridescent clouds passed the reflective ocean tide. The lone paddle border waited with patience for the wave seemed a scarce occurrence. His gaze was fixed on the lonely horizon. The still ocean didn’t seem to want to break the glassy norm.

I could see his shoulders shrug with a sigh. Maybe it was a moment of relaxation or frustration, I’m not quite sure as he seemed to be somewhat transfixed in the moment.

Paddle ready the border balanced afloat the watery mass. From no where the glistening watery surface gained in height to form an elusive wave. A powerful strong standing stroke aligned the nose of the board to the beach. The paddler elevated gracefully with the energetic wave.

Awaiting the wave – the moment had arrived. The short thrill of a ride, a journey of freedom and escape.

sunset over the ocean

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

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