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Photographing fireworks can be so rewarding as colourful shapes spill into the frame electrifying the scene.

After I was questioned by a friend on how to photograph these amazing lights I decided I would create a tutorial in the form of a recipe. So here goes…




 1 Digital SLR, Compact Pro or Bridging Camera

1 Large Memory Card

1 Sturdy Tripod

1 Cable Release or Remote

1 Beer or 1 Wine is optional


Go to place were you will see fireworks

Charge your battery

Empty your memory card

Pre heat your imagination



Prepare your camera by sitting it on the tripod. Fry off any dust sitting on the lens whilst wiping smoothly until the surface is clear and glossy. Position your lens to the widest setting. Add your focus to the mix by focusing on the horizon…remember your shutter button should be firm to touch to gain auto focus.

At this point once your focus has matured continue by switching the focus mode to manual.

Combine your camera and cable release; mix in the following settings: ISO 400; f/5.6 or f/8 throw in a Bulb setting and sift out noise reduction in the main settings. Be sure that you have pre heated high ISO noise reduction in your main settings if you are baking on a Canon.

To make the image tilt the camera up on an angle so it faces the sky. Proceed to press the cable release, hold it firmly until the button is resting in the lock position, this will open the camera’s shutter. While the shutter is open and the image bakes do not under any circumstances add pecans to the mix! Wait the desired time until the light above is golden and has risen to the occasion. You may hear a few loud bangs followed by a stream of smoke at this point don’t worry this is normal. Following these events be sure to close the shutter by unlocking the remote cable.

Put your screen aside to cool as serving the image for presentation may take some time due to the high ISO noise reduction.

Season with Photoshop and dodge and burn to taste.

Garnish with the beer or wine in a celebration. You just baked the perfect firework image!

2012 Australia Day Skyshow


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Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

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