Monday 28th July 2014,

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Surfing in Samoa

We’ll as promised readers here are a couple of shots that I took from around the camp where we stayed at Aganoa beach, Savaii in Samoa, I didn’t manage to shoot as much as I originally planned prior to the [...]

July 25, 2013 World Through the Lens
The surface of the water after a rapid

Circular Pool

I could smell the freshness of the forest. A raging river forged its path through the divided valley. Moss covered rocks crammed against each other fighting for elevation above the banks of the flowing river. Downstream the chuckle of laughing kookaburras [...]

January 23, 2013 World Through the Lens
Water Art Featured Image

How To Create Art Using Photoshop

After a fan request on I put together a video on how to create art using Photoshop. I really encourage everyone to give this a try. Be sure to post a link in the comments once you have created [...]

November 27, 2012 Tutorials
Landscape Photography - Featured Image

Landscape Photography – Is It Really Worth It?

I got asked a few days ago is landscape photography really worth it? It sort of got me thinking about why I do it. I suppose this post is some of my thoughts on the subject and hopefully it answers [...]

August 18, 2012 Insight
Water 001 - Featured Image


Blue, clear and bathed in beauty. I watched in wonder as the undulating movement enlightened my soul. Rising and falling, brimming with shine the ocean was moving – forever the tide. Beauty amassed under the daylight blue as each clear drop reflected an untold hue. Ripples [...]

August 8, 2012 World Through the Lens
Port Gregory 012 Featured Image

Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory

The world is light; tone; shape and form – its my job as an artist to share life’s intricate details. Beauty abounds the natural wonders of Port Gregory. Waves turn and tumble roaring as weathered water amasses to the shore. Running in synchronization waves [...]

August 1, 2012 World Through the Lens
Ibis 003 Featured Image

Ibis In Flight

Chaos surrounded me, the chorus of flapping was deafening. Each bird seemed to know the direction of the other as the flock took to wing. A moving dark cloud of beak, feet and squawks captivated me to hold the camera tightly and [...]

July 17, 2012 World Through the Lens
Mutton Bird Island 001 Featured Image

Darkness at Mutton Bird

The evolving storm clouds masked the last of the warming light. The sound of the ocean was threatening with wave after wave crashing against the battered landscape. Rock hopping with tripod in hand and camera bag on my tired shoulders I [...]

July 15, 2012 Creative Corner, World Through the Lens