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Wednesday 23rd July 2014,

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How to Deal with a Creative Rut

How to Deal with Creative Ruts

Ahh, the dreaded creative rut! How much we photographers hate you. You sap our energy, take away our motivation, destroy our will to press the shutter button and leave us feeling frustrated, angry, depressed and without hope. Before I threw [...]

July 16, 2014 World Through the Lens
Let There be LIGHT Part 3

Let There be LIGHT! Part 3

Hey you fantastic F Stop Loungers! In the first part of this trilogy, we looked at a few creative ways to play with flash. We then covered hard vs soft light, including some examples of both. And now it’s time to put it all [...]

June 29, 2014 World Through the Lens

Reflective Beauty with Meaghan Gleeson

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share this with you all… I had a shoot almost a month ago now with an amazing team – our goal was to create some really cool edgy jewellery based imagery. We [...]

June 21, 2014 World Through the Lens
Let There Be Light 2

Let There be LIGHT! Part 2

Hey you fab FStoppians! Last time around we went over some fun & creative ideas for playing with flash. This time we’ll have a bit of fun talking about hard vs soft light, with some examples of both. Like a kid on [...]

June 19, 2014 World Through the Lens
FadedFocus - Lydia Honan

Retro Trailer with Lydia Honan

I have to be honest, this shoot took place quite a while ago – and I mean a while, from memory I believe it took place late in 2013. We were trying to get it published but nobody seemed to [...]

May 23, 2014 World Through the Lens

My First Publication with Elegant – Lady Ingot

Before I begin – I want to encourage any of you guys that are actively shooting to consider planning a shoot and submitting your work to magazines, it’s really a lot easier than you think, there are hundreds of mags [...]

April 17, 2014 World Through the Lens

A Japanese Woman and Her Inseparable Cat

This is a heartwarming story of Misao, who’s 87 years young and lives a very simple rural life outside the city in Japan. Misao has farmed the land since marrying into the Ihara family in 1964 and she loves nothing [...]

February 24, 2014 Beyond the Lens

Portrait Lighting – The Hero Lighting

Sometimes all you need to do is change a few things in the studio to achieve a different look. You might remember my earlier article, 3 Lights Simple Setup where I explained a three-point lighting system, the final photos ended up being quite [...]

December 30, 2013 Creative Corner, Tutorials

Advanced Frequency Separation Tutorial

Jack Salzke from FadedFocus Photography talks about using Frequency Separation Techniques within Photoshop for advanced skin and colour retouching. Photograph Source: Original Frequency Separation Video: Healing Brush Tutorial: [...]

November 16, 2013 Creative Corner, Tutorials, YouTube
Toby Dixon, split personality,

Creative: Split Personality Portrait Shoot

Toby Dixon is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He recently created a portrait series with a difference. The ‘Split Personality’ series was shot on location with no cutting, no comping or no Photoshop trickery. Dixon says “I’d love to [...]

October 4, 2013 Beyond the Lens