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Looking After Your Lenses - YouTube Featured Image

How To Look After Your Lenses

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer, sometimes it’s good to cover the basics and that’s exactly what this video is about – how to look after your lenses. [...]

February 24, 2014 Insight
Metabones Adapter and Nikon 50mm f/1.4

Metabones Adapter Review to suit the Fujifilm X-E2

In this video I present the  that I use to mount my Nikon lenses on my . Check it out if you want to keep your SLR lenses when moving to a mirrorless system like the Fujifilm X Series, Olympus [...]

December 6, 2013 Beyond the Lens, YouTube
X-Pro 1 First Impressions/Testing

Testing the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 in the Studio

Very recently I got to test out the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 along with one of Fujifilm’s newest lenses, the Fujinon XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS. I have to say I was extremely hesitant to try out this camera because of the smaller [...]

July 31, 2013 World Through the Lens
samoa caves, drifting pixels

Surfing in Samoa

We’ll as promised readers here are a couple of shots that I took from around the camp where we stayed at Aganoa beach, Savaii in Samoa, I didn’t manage to shoot as much as I originally planned prior to the [...]

July 25, 2013 World Through the Lens
Kaleido Camera

KaleidoCamera Adds HDR and Lytro-Like Focusing to Your DSLR

Alkhazur Manakov of Saarland University has developed a reconfigurable camera add-on which gives the user more control over the light before it reaches the cameras sensor. This nifty little prototype sits between the body and the lens of the camera, [...]

July 25, 2013 News
surfing in samoa

Underwater in Samoa

We’ll as you might know readers for the last two weeks I have been missing in action, can you guess where?  Yes that’s right tropical Samoa! What an awesome place, lots of surfing, great waves, awesome food, amazing people and [...]

July 17, 2013 World Through the Lens
FadedFocus - Emma Gray Cover

Chain Mail Bra – Fashion Shoot

Gemma Ruzzier, an incredibly talented stylist here in Melbourne, Australia has recently been fashioning clothing out of metal; Chain Mail to be specific, and it looks badass! On this very day my incredible team of stylists and I got to [...]

July 7, 2013 World Through the Lens
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The Magic World of Macro

As a photographer, I often find myself envious of those who can capture grand panoramic vistas or elegant city skylines. I’m talking about the types of photos that just make me wish that I was the one who was there [...]

January 17, 2013 Creative Corner, Insight

2 Great Lenses for Capturing Your Family Memories

Let’s say you’ve gotten over the hump of buying your first DSLR and now you’re wondering what lenses would round out your camera setup. Every photographer has a favorite for what they shoot and I’m no different. When it comes [...]

January 8, 2013 Creative Corner, Insight

How To Photograph Fireworks

  Photographing fireworks can be so rewarding as colourful shapes spill into the frame electrifying the scene. After I was questioned by a friend on how to photograph these amazing lights I decided I would create a tutorial in the [...]

December 18, 2012 Tutorials