World Through the Lens
Who Is Elia Locardi?

Now if you’re into travel or landscape photography then you would have definitely heard the name Elia Locardi, but you should ask the question… …who is Elia Locardi? Well that’s a great question and one that we are happy to quickly explore, you see when you’re tracking some...
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Who is Colby Brown?

Imagine if you could photograph the world, experience stunning landscapes and do it all for a good cause? Well, if you did imagine that you’re probably thinking of a well known landscape, travel and humanitarian photographer called, Colby Brown. You see, Colby has been photographing the world arou...
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The Sea Gypsies

The Bajau are a small tribe from Borneo, literally living on the water. They either reside in small boats, all day on the move or on floating villages built on coral reefs. This is how they earned the title of the “sea gypsies”. All they need to be happy are the ocean and their fishing ...
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