World Through the Lens
The WORST Boudoir Photographer!  Ever.

Let me tell you about the WORST Boudoir Photographer.  I recently came across an entire session; and it is just GOD AWFUL.  This girl is exactly who we hate: that “fauxtographer” / momapher that just goes out and buys a camera and decides she’s going to start a business.  She goes to a...
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SIC Show Interview with Leigh Diprose

Recently I was invited by the team at the SIC show (Share, Inspire and Create) to participate in an interview. Hosted by photography professionals Brent Mail and Johny Spencer,  I was asked to share something about myself, something that inspired me and something I had created. These were the topics I d...
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Who Is Nick Rains?

When deciding to write about Nick Rains I was somewhat gob smacked at the extent of his photography credentials when conducting some online research. Having spent the last 30+ years in the photography business this Brisbane based photographer has done it all (with the exception of weddings). It’s...
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