Thursday 31st July 2014,

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Fiji Instax Cameras Explained Featured Image

Fuji Instax Instant Cameras, Instax Film & Instax Accessories Explained

Instax Instant Cameras Expained: , , , , , , and When it comes to instant cameras there only used to be one camera in the game, Polaroid. They were those big chunky metal cameras which produced ‘instant’ prints that [...]

July 29, 2014 Insight

Sensor Cleaning Made Simple: 3 Easy Methods To Clean Your Sensor

Are you scared of cleaning your sensor on your own? You don’t have to be scared because it is really simple and safe! Here are three easy ways to clean your sensor! Check out our product recommendations below!   Method 1) [...]

July 28, 2014 Insight
Visualise Dust Featured Image

Photo Tip: Lightroom 5 Dust Removal

I posted a written description of this tool a while ago but after running a series of five Lightroom seminars around the country I came to realise that some things are better demonstrated in a video tutorial. So, here’s another look at [...]

July 25, 2014 Insight
Buying Guide- Tripods, Monopods and Tripod Heads Explained

The Most Informative Tripod, Monopod and Tripod Head Buying Guide

Are you finding your landscape, wedding, sports or wildlife photos are a bit blurry? If that’s the case you may need to rethink the way you shoot. Have you ever considered photographing with a tripod or monopod before? If not [...]

July 12, 2014 Insight
Andre Appel

What’s a ND Filter? Netural Density Filters Explained

A Guide To Neutral Density Filters Have you ever wondered how professionals get those great shots so the clouds looked amazing and the water looks like silk running over rocks?  Or what about those wonderful hazy photos where the movement is [...]

July 10, 2014 Insight
Varina & Jay Patel Featured Image

Photo Tip: Losing a Grip On Your Photo Gear

When you’re focused on your gorgeous surroundings and with getting that PERFECT shot, there may be consequences to your preoccupation. Jay’s short video addresses this potential misstep. Keeping his simple solution in mind could save your valuable equipment. [...]

July 4, 2014 Insight, YouTube
Featured Image - Long Wu Lamasery - Tongren - China - Leica S2

Photo Tip: Look for the Details

Long Wu Lamasery, Tongren, China. Leica S2 When you are in exotic locations it’s all too easy to be so overwhelmed by the scene right in front of you that it’s easy to overlook small details that might be equally [...]

July 2, 2014 Insight

Why Not Challenge Yourself?

When we talk to our students and other photographers, we often find that creativity is much harder to learn then technical skills. One of the most frequently asked questions is - How do you learn creativity? Unfortunately there is no [...]

June 23, 2014 Insight
Featured Image - Borobudur - Leica M - 50mm f2 Lightroom

Photo Tip: Removing Dust Spots

Borobudur. Leica M, 50mm f2.0 It’s a common problem – digital sensors attract dust and each time you swap lenses you run the risk of a bit of dust entering the camera body and ending up on the sensor. Dust [...]

June 22, 2014 Insight
Featured - Mongolia 4 Minutes Exposure

Photo Tip: Long Exposures

Mongolia, 4 minutes exposure. By long exposure I mean longer than, say, the 30secs that most cameras offer as the longest built in exposure time. The Leica M goes up to 60 secs, the Leica S, to 120 secs but [...]

June 14, 2014 Insight