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About Us

At F Stop Lounge we want to create a site that will inspire and bring the photographers of the world together.

F Stop Lounge was created by photographers for photographers. The photographers behind the site come from all over the world, places like Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Google+ was our meeting place where over months we developed strong social bonds centred around photography. With decades of experience in the photographic arena, the founding photographers decided to create a website which would help others learn about photography.

Across F Stop Lounge  you will find inspirational photographs, informative tutorials and helpful hints & tips about photography. We encourage visitors to follow us and interact with the contributors, either on the site or across various social media networks.

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 André Appel I’m a professional photographer from Central Germany where I run a photo studio. I love to shoot portraits and I always like push the limits. Whenever I’m not in the studio I’m outside chasing the light. I’m totally addicted to photography!

A day without a photo is a day wasted!


Leigh Diprose I’m a professional photographer, networker, business manager, blogger, entrepreneur and helper to all. Photography is my life. I don’t categorise myself as a portrait or landscape photographer… I just photograph it all. You can find me hanging out in several locations at a time. My time is dedicated to various social platforms with the main one being Google+ where I run the Google+ Photographers Community. You can find a lot of my work on my personal blog.

Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed




 Suzanne Clements My background as a fine artist (painter/illustrator) and graphic designer gives me a somewhat unique perspective when at a shoot composing my photographs. I came to photography a bit later in my creative career, but I’ve embraced the challenge and excitement of harnessing a new medium and have worked to make it my own.

This girl *points to self* loves fast shutters and fast cars.


 Paul Pichugin Paul Pichugin is a passionate commercial and landscape photographer based in Western Australia. His award winning work has been published internationally and his limited edition prints attract discerning private collectors. He has also founded The Creative Mind, a blog about creativity and being a creative. Paul can be reached on various social platforms with Google+ being his main point of contact.

Be present in the moment


 Billy Tailor I work as Senior Editor for Travel Longer magazine. Born in Australia, lived in New Zealand for 15+ years, before embarking on 3 years of full-time travel through South-East Asia, USA, Canada and Europe. I consider myself a passionate amateur photographer, an intermediate socialite and an expert when it comes to sleeping in airports, eating crazy Asian street foods, and crocheting beanies. Connect with me through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. – Mark Twain from ‘Innocents Abroad’.

Mathew Maddock TwitterFacebookG+Youtube

 Mathew Maddock Matthew Maddock is a commercial photographer based in the Lake District, UK.  He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and a Getty Images contributor.  He runs a site dedicated to the Fujifilm X-Series cameras at  A personal portfolio can be seen at

Look into the viewfinder, not through it

Varina Patel TwitterFacebookG+YoutubeFlicker

Varina Patel There is nothing more remarkable to me than the power of nature. It is both cataclysmic and subtle. Slow and continuous erosion by water and wind can create landscapes every bit as astonishing as those shaped by catastrophic events – and minuscule details can be as breathtaking as grand vistas that stretch from one horizon to the other. Nature is incredibly diverse. Burning desert sands and mossy riverbanks… Brilliant sunbeams and fading alpenglow… Silent snowfall and raging summer storms… each offers unique opportunities. I am irresistibly drawn to the challenge of finding my next photograph, and mastering the skills required to capture it effectively.

I love not man the less, but Nature more…” Lord Byron

Jay Patel TwitterFacebookG+YoutubeFlicker

Jay Patel I can start off like this – “Seeds of Jay Patel’s appreciation for beautiful places were planted early in his childhood….” but it would get boring really fast. I will just sum it up and say that I am a Landscape and Wilderness Photographer who loves to capture dramatic light. My photographs have been published in various magazines, calendars and advertising materials throughout the world.
Varina Patel and I offer variety of educational material such as ebooks, offer workshops and webinars to help you learn photography. For more information please visit our websites.

All rules are meant to be broken

Nick Rains FacebookG+

Sambisari temple Nick is a Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and is a National Judge at the annual Australian Professional Print Awards (APPA). In 2002 Nick was awarded Australian Geographic Magazine Photographer of the Year and continues to shoot assignments for the magazine all around Australia. Post-production is another of Nick’s strengths, he is an acknowledged Photoshop and Lightroom expert and has been involved in teaching advanced courses in these two industry leading applications for the past five years. Nick is also a skilled printer, making fine prints for exhibitions and often takes on consulting roles with inkjet manufacturers.

Photography is not about cameras, it’s about what you point the camera at.

Andy Gray TwitterFacebookG+Flicker

AndyGray Northumbrian born and bred, a true home bird and the very opposite of the “Travel Photographer”. Andy rarely travels and shoots further than 20 miles from home …however he does live in one of England’s most spectacular and rugged counties with a stunning historic coastline and Northumberland’s many castles on his doorstep.
With limited chances to travel, whereas many photographers simply fly to the next dream destination to shoot, Andy sees experimentation in techniques and styles as his outlet from the cabin fever that shooting the same area can occasionally bring.

I ain’t getting on no plane!

Handy Andy Pandy TwitterFacebookG+Flicker

FStopLoungeProfilePhoto A ginger with a camera and a penchant for the weird and wonderful! I’m as much a photomanipulator as I am a photographer; I love the incredibly freedom Photoshop offers – absolutely zero of my images are anywhere even remotely close to “straight out of camera”. I’m here to rock your socks, knock your frocks and shock your smocks (and hopefully put a smile on your face in the process)! The serious side of things: I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m relatively new to photography and photomanipulations, having only discovered it at the end of 2011, but I’ve thrown myself in the deep end by committing to a 365 Project to get my bum into gear. I’m totally addicted to doing stuff that challenges me; a lot of my photos have taken upwards of 8hrs to shoot and manipulate in Photoshop!

Life is too important to be taken seriously. – Oscar Wilde

Mark Soon FacebookG+Flicker

Mark Soon I am a Sydney-based portrait and product photographer whose creativity and inspiration draws from my 15-year computer graphics career. I just love creating things that do not exist in real life, but also love making every day subjects look more amazing than they really are.
My most used tools are Photoshop and my 3D modelling applications that enable me to bring the many ideas from my mind to life.

I (heart) small cameras!


Mathieu Gasquet FacebookG+Flicker

Mathieu Gasquet My adventure into the world of photography began during my childhood. My parents gave me a Yashica fx2000 that I accidentally broke during a holiday in Rome. Growing up, my interests changed, only to return upon completing three years of cinema school in France. Over the years, photography turned into a profession, and the website MirrorLessons that my partner Heather Broster and I created became an outlet for my creativity. I haven’t settled on a favorite genre as of yet, but to travel and photograph are definitely the two things that make me feel “free”.

Photography is a love affair with life. – Burk Uzzle


Kenji Kwok TwitterFacebookG+Flicker

Kenji Kwok Kenji Kwok is a Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer based in Singapore, and ever-ready to travel the world. His passion for telling stories through photography comes from his natural curiosity to learn more about the lives of others. He believes in the power of photography to witness and change the world. Today, Kenji continues to chase his dream of working for the National Geographic and non-profit organisations around the world to bring attention to issues that needs to be surfaced.

There is no better time than Now.




Jack Salzke I’m a young award-winning photographer working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I decided that I wanted to give back to the photographic community through the sharing of my knowledge and experiences. I’m currently studying photography at RMIT and will be drawing on my experiences there as well as my personal and professional projects to bring you the best learning content possible.

Take the time to put the camera down and experience life – it will make you a more rounded photographer.

Andrew NewlunTwitterFacebookG+Youtube

Andrew Newlun

In a world where “Photographers” roamed the earth in unskilled masses. One man set out to teach them all. His name, Andrew Newlun, his mission, educate and entertain the majority of our solar system.

He grew up in a small town in central United States. His entire life was unknowingly set on a path toward one goal. At 13 he began learning graphic design in the digital sweat shops of his local church. Then at 20 he got his first DSLR on a blood ridden ebay bidding war that left thousands dead in his wake. This DSLR became his weapon. His target, the human minds of every earth bound youtube zombie.

Traveling the nation for years, shooting and learning his trade, he honed his skills to prepare for his journey into the vast overpopulated lands of the Youtubes. Then in October 2013 he joined forces with F stop Lounge and the next chapter in his battle for mildly humorous photo education began.

Andrew Newlun


Coming to a Youtube channel near you for a limited time. Oct 16 2013 – Feb 30 2184…Don’t Miss It

Good photos are like good jokes, if you have to explain it, its probably not that good.


Ugo CeiTwitterFacebookG+Youtube


Ugo Cei is a travel, landscape and fine art photographer from Italy.
A geek at heart, he loves the technical aspects of digital photography and understanding what goes inside the machine.
His clients include Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, and Alitalia.

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in it’s entirety.
– Ansel Adams


Matt WidgeryTwitterFacebookG+


I fell in love with photography as a kid. My dad had an OM-1 which fascinated me from as young as I can remember. I’ve always had cameras and taken pictures all my life. I couldn’t imagine not doing so. My professional life only really started about 3 years ago as an in-house product and commercial photographer for a company selling electric bicycles here in the UK. I have recently branched out on my own and now shoot my first love which is music as a full time job.

Most of my life revolves around the music industry these days. I am a music photographer and I am in a band called the Hope Brothers. I shoot a lot of other commercial work too and I love it all.

My other big passion is street photography. I have an exhibition this summer called Mill Road Faces in Cambridge, UK where I am from, and where the photos were taken. It is a long term photo story about an area that has a very special vibe to it and some very special people.

Photography isn’t life or death. It’s much more important than that!