June 24, 2017

3 Photographers You Should Follow

Feel like being inspired and having your creative taste buds tingled? Here’s 3 fantastic photographers/photomanipulators worthy of your love:

Aaron NaceAaron is an absolute God when it comes to Photoshop. His images are crazy, elaborate, often hilarious, incredibly detailed and very surreal. He’s a master at creating images that look real, yet clearly can’t be. His awesome technical-skills are matched only by his wild creativity and goofy sense of humour.

My reasons for including him here are also personal: Aaron’s awesome tutorials over at Phlearn.com taught me practically everything I know about Photoshop. His motivational videos were also the reason I started and completed my own 365 Project. Anytime I need a kick in my creative backside, I check out his work. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and a dose of “mind-blow”, Aaron’s your man.

Aaron’s work can be found at Phlearn.com or follow him on Twitter @phlearn

  • You Bitch by Aaron Nace
  • Friends by Aaron Nace
  • Baxter by Aaron Nace
  • Serengeti Reaching by Aaron Nace
  • Rebirth by Aaron Nace

Joel RobisonJoel Robison is many things: amazing photographer, teacher, traveler, nice guy, hard worker, inspiration, storyteller. He has an insane work ethic, having completed 4 x 365 Projects, a 52-Week Project and creating thousands of images, each one more inspiring than the last. He’s shot for Coca Cola and done a tour for the FIFA World Cup. On top of that, he co-founded The Wild Ones, a group of photographers who travel around the USA hosting workshops and teaching other photographers all they know. God knows where he finds the time.

As for his images, they’re unique, inspirational, motivational, happy, quirky, beautiful, artistic, fun, dreamlike, surreal. Every image tells a story and contains a world to explore and get lost in. Viewing Joel’s images makes you feel like a little kid again.

Joel’s a downright nice guy; humble, friendly, patient and always willing to share his knowledge with those who ask. I’ve read blog after blog people have written praising Joel for how much he’s helped them with their own photography.

It’s no surprise Joel is well-loved; as of writing, his Facebook page has 178,000 likes. Check him out for a dose of inspiration, motivation and joy!

More of Joel’s amazing work at JoelRobison.com or like him on Facebook.

  • A New Adventure Awaits by Joel Robison
  • You Don't Know what You've got til it's Gone by Joel Robison
  • Migration by Joel Robison
  • A Moment On Earth by Joel Robison
  • A Place to Fill Up by Joel Robison

Sarah AllegraSarah creates fantastical artwork, telling a story through her elaborate props, clothing, scenery and special effects. She draws inspiration from movies, TV shows, pop culture, books and her own life. Her art is equal parts beautiful, dramatic, theatrical, gorgeous and poignant.

Sarah deals with ME, yet still finds the energy to create these absolutely stunning images.  On top of that she’s a lovely person who never hesitates to share her knowledge and encourage other photographers. I’ve been privileged to call Sarah a friend.

Sarah’s work can be found at SarahAllegra.com or follow her on Twittter @sarahallegra

  • The Court Of The Dryad Queen by Sarah Allegra
  • Vanity's Murder by Sarah Allegra
  • Salt Wine by Sarah Allegra
  • Lady Death by Sarah Allegra
  • His Robe is a Wind of Invisible Voices by Sarah Allegra

Which photographers, dead or alive, do YOU admire and why? Drop a comment below.

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I'm Handy Andy Pandy, a ginger with a camera. I'm a photographer/Photoshop addict who loves to push himself to do crazy things and create interesting art. I inject my own wacky sense of humour into my images - photography is my expression of my natural in-built silliness. It's a way for me to reach out and grab people and pull them into my world, to show them something a little more crazy than average daily life.

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