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A Trip to the City of Perth with the X-Pro 1

Leigh Diprose September 1, 2012 World Through the Lens

I found myself confronted by a bright green cactus when arriving in the City of Perth. The $1 million dollar sculpture was designed by James Angus after winning an international competition. To be honest I’m not really a fan of it but I thought the structure could make some interesting photos. After wandering around the sculpture several times I decided to use the Velvia film simulation mode on my camera to compliment the scene.

The $1 million dollar sculpture at Forrest Chase in the City of Perth

The following three images were photographed from underneath the cactus

The $1 million dollar sculpture at Forrest Chase in the City of Perth

The $1 million dollar sculpture at Forrest Chase in the City of Perth

The $1 million dollar sculpture at Forrest Chase in the City of Perth

Moving on I covered one end of the city to the other capturing scenes as they crossed my camera’s lens.

Two buildings photographed against a blue sky

An old air conditioner on the side of a building in the City of Perth

The bright colours of the developing Perth Arena certainly photographed well with the Velvia film simulation mode. The blues just jumped out of the picture!

The new landmark and iconic entertainment venue the Perth Arena

This photograph of the iconic His Majesty’s Theatre was converted to black and white as the gentleman’s shirt really helped centre this photo.

After lunch I found myself down a small alleyway looking at some interesting wall art – it was almost like being in Melbourne. I really think Perth needs more of this. What do you think?

Some street art in the City of Perth

Coming to the end of my journey I stumbled across this scene. Activating the drive menu on the camera I switched the setting to panoramic and set the direction to vertical. Pressing the camera’s shutter button I tilted the camera in an upward motion and captured this interesting shot.

I love the distortion the panoramic mode created as it really helps recreate the small lane way. I used split toning in Lightroom to give an overall warming tone to the image.

A one way street in the City of Perth

I ended the day with a street scene. There were some young skateboards trying some tricks by the post office when I noticed an old gentleman walking in their direction. I quickly set my composition and snapped away. For me this was certainly my favorite image of the day.

A skateboarder performing a trick as an old gentleman walks past in the City of Perth

What was your favourite image?



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  1. Joe Fernandez September 3, 2012 at 7:05 am

    Skateboarding pic is clearly my fav. The 2nd green blob pic also stands out for me. I’ve always liked Fuji’s greens.

  2. Dave Humphreys September 2, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Great photo of the arena!

  3. Roland Pedeferri September 2, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Easily the last one. That is an image that time and chance blessed you with. You couldn’t pose it either.
    You were there at the right time and you got the best shot.

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