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Thursday 24th July 2014,
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Todays Photo Of Day was captured by +Che Lian The photo was shared on the Google+ Photographers Community and published under the category ‘Only Canon‘. Thanks for being part of the Google+ Photographers Community! Do you enjoy [...]


Sunset in Western Australia by Paul Pichugin
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As a photographer who constantly posts my work on social media, my blog and pretty much anywhere I can get it in front of eyeballs with my name and website on it, I am no [...]

Competition Featured Template
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our competitions! The first competition launched is the ’2014 Black & White Photography Competition’, but there will be many more to come, including video competitions for those talented videographers! [...]

Miss Aniela Nikon D810 Featured Image
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Nikon Europe have unveiled their behind the scenes film promoting their newly announced Nikon D810.   Together with producer and technical partner, Matthew Leonard, Natalie Dybisz from Miss Aniela Photography creates stunning works of art, which [...]

Buying Guide- Tripods, Monopods and Tripod Heads Explained
Posted On July 12, 2014 | 1 Comment

Are you finding your landscape, wedding, sports or wildlife photos are a bit blurry? If that’s the case you may need to rethink the way you shoot. Have you ever considered photographing with a tripod [...]

How to Deal with a Creative Rut
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Ahh, the dreaded creative rut! How much we photographers hate you. You sap our energy, take away our motivation, destroy our will to press the shutter button and leave us feeling frustrated, angry, depressed and [...]